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Since childhood Zahra has been exposed to Middle Eastern music and culture through her Egyptian-German heritage, which sparked a passion for dancing.  In 2006, Zahra began her formal study of Middle Eastern dance after taking her first workshop and falling in love with the art form.  Her passion led her to perform at many festivals and events such as; Capital Ex, Cariwest, the International Fringe Festival, the Heritage Festival, the Lebanese Festival, Kaleido Family Arts Festival and many other venues.  In 2008, Zahra was invited to join the Edmonton Bellydance Ensemble whom she trained and performed with for 2 years.  With EBE, she performed at the International Bellydance conference in Toronto in 2010, and was a principal dancer in EBE’s sold out shows “East Meets West”, and “Imratu”. 

Zahra continues to nurture her love of dance by participating in workshops and continually studying the dance and culture.  She has participated in workshops with world renowned dancers such as: Mohamed Shahin (Egypt), Randa Kamel (Egypt), Tito (Egypt), Aida Nour (Egypt), Hadia (Canada), Bozenka (USA), Jillina (USA), Yasmina Ramzy (Canada), Cassandra Shore (USA), Sonia (USA), Rachel Brice (USA), Nath Keo (Canada), Colleena Shakti (India), and more.

Zahra has completed all 3 Levels of Middle Eastern Dance Instructor training with Hadia.  She has taught at Grant MacEwan University and Golds Gym and is the Co-Owner of Desert Rose Dance Studios where she currently teaches regular classes and workshops.  Zahra’s passion is sharing the art of Bellydance with her students and she enjoys seeing women of all ages and backgrounds embrace their femininity through dance.    Zahra is a popular performer in Edmonton, where you can find her performing in many Greek, Turkish,  and Lebanese restaurants as well as private events for weddings and special events.  



From a young age Yasmeen has had a love of dance and culture. Coming from an Egyptian-German background she was introduced to belly dancing as a child. Yasmeen started to pursue belly dance in grade seven after her mother took her and her sister Zahra, to an intro belly dance class.   Since then Yasmeen has performed in many festivals and city events as a soloist and in various troupes.  In 2008, and 2010 Yasmeen took part in the International Bellydance Conference of Canada and participated in workshops with world renowned instructors like Tito (Egypt), Ada Nour(Egypt), Jillina (USA), and Bozenka (USA). Having  joined the Edmonton Bellydance Ensemble (EBE), she performed at the IBCC 2010 as a part of the troupe as well as in EBE's debut show "East Meets West" and "Imratu".   Yasmeen has successfully completed Hadia Bellydance Teacher Training levels 1 and 2 and performs regularly in Edmontons Greek, Turkish,  and Lebanese restaurants.                                           

Yasmeen not only loved the Middle Eastern culture and music but was also was drawn to Latin music.  It was not until  2008 that she began formal training.  In 2010 Yasmeen auditioned and was accepted in the Ladies Dance Team,  SALT who she performed with at the International Salsa Congress of Calgary in 2011. In March 2011, Yasmeen successfully complicated the Zumba Fitness Instructor Training and has been actively teaching Zumba in Edmonton ever since.  Yasmeen's love of Latin music and culture has helped her develop a growing Reggaeton dance program at Desert Rose.  She currently directs a Reggaeton Dance Troupe who perform regularily at Edmonton's festivals including the Heritage Festival, Latin Festival, and Kaleido Family Arts Festival.




Elise’s passion for dance came at the young age of five. Starting with various styles such as jazz, ballet, lyrical and tap, dancing gave her some very memorable experiences that took her around North America and through her childhood.  It wasn’t until later on in her late teens she thought she would try a few ballroom classes to see if she would like it… eight years later she hasn’t seem to “shake the ballroom bug” and teaching people of all ages and levels has rewarded her with wonderful memories, accomplishments and opportunities. 

Elise began her professional career in ballroom, training and teaching for an international studio here in Edmonton eight years ago, and then took her skills to the UK where she taught and performed in London through 2013.

Alongside dancing, Elise has found a passion for the health and wellness industry, and regularly teaches a dance inspired fitness program known as the MOC Barre Method, (commonly known as Ballet Barre Fitness) which allows her to use her vast dance background, bringing a strong technical element to her classes. 


Excited to be back in the Edmonton dance community, Elise continues to teach her love for dance and fitness, and can’t wait to see her students begin their dancing journey!


Miss Terri   M

Terri started dance at the age of 9 in Ottawa, Ont. She has danced in several studios across Canada and has acquired several dance teaching certifications in Jazz and Tap.

Terri has also studied Modern, Cheer, partner stunting, and Burlesque.   She has performed in 3 professional Burlesque shows and was a demonstrator for 3 years at the Taboo show. 

She has danced with the Edmonton Eskimo Cheer Team for a number of years, and performed in stage theater.








Maxwell has been exposed to most Latin cultural music and dance since a young age when he lived in El Salvador. These dances included salsa, merengue, cumbia, and bachata. He started representing Edmonton, Alberta professionally in 2001 through performing, and teaching. He has performed, attended and taught at many World Salsa Congresses in places such as, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Puerto Rico, Miami, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, San Francisco, as well as various functions in Edmonton. Maxwell has also participated in many competitions since he started his professional dance career.

Maxwell started his teaching career in Edmonton in 2000 at Grant MacEwan College and then transferred to Latin Corner Dance Company to teach from 2002 to the end of 2007. At the start of year 2008 he founded his own school, Unique Dance Company. At Unique Dance Company, he instructs, performs, and is the choreographer for the company’s student dance team. Maxwell has taught in various places throughout Canada, and the USA including Calgary at their 2nd Annual International Salsa Congress. He will be going back home to El Salvador this year in the fall to teach in their second International Congress.

From 1996 to 1998 Maxwell danced with a folk lore dance group called Sangre Morena. In 1998 he started dancing with the salsa group Azucar until 2002, at which point he became a member of Salsa Team Canada from 2003 to 2004. From 2002 to the end of year 2007 he danced with Latin Corner (Edmonton) Dance Team. In year 2007 Maxwell went on a Congress tour of Miami and Puerto Rico performing with Jason Molina’s team Sabor a Fuego. In year 2008 he started choreographing for Unique Dance Team and at the beginning of year 2009 he also started performing with them. 




Angela is currently an intern Personal Trainer and Specialized and Certified Zumba Instructor.

Born and raised in Colombia, as a teenager she always struggled with her weight. She found incorporating music and dance into her fitness program allowed her to become more involved and enjoy working out, helping her obtain and maintain her goals.

Having worked in group fitness she loved inspiring many people, but recognized doing this on a more personalized basis and incorporating strength training would allow for a more well-rounded end result for her as well as others.

Her passion is to motivate and educate people to become more healthy, strong, confident and happy, all while keeping it fun in the process.


"Motivation allows us to start, but habit allows us to continue."







Tyler Whitfield is a street dancer who started at the early age of nine. Tyler began with breaking, and at the age of twelve started to expand into house and then popping. Battling across Canada, Tyler has had the privilege to compete against some of Canada's finest dancers, and also danced along side them.

During his dancing career Tyler has earned respect from some of the original pioneers of Hip Hop. Fortunately Tyler was able to meet and be educated by Ready 2 Rock crew, Dynasty Rockers, Mambo Rockers, Ten of Quad, Mikey Disco, Caleaf, 








Blossoming from the love of music, Trayvon's dance movement began in 2010. Starting with breakdancing, then expanding into other styles such as popping, house, rocking, and hip hop. Focusing on the ability to freestyle while incorporating all different styles and using this in competitions and battles.
Here is a clip of Trayvon making the Top 16 at Vancouver's International Dance Battle 2014 out of 80 international contestants.







Asha Marshall 

Asha Marshall, dancer, choreographer, teacher and founder of Love Your Movement Corporation is focused and enthusiastic towards living her life as a dancer. Her determination and her commitment show in both her training and practice. In just a few short years, she has performed in China, Las Vegas, L.A., New York, Vancouver, Toronto, joined one of Canada’s top dance crews, has won several national and local competitions, has opened for numerous artists and top rated dance crews, has inspired students of all ages and levels in and around Edmonton, Alberta, and has become 100% entrenched in a dance lifestyle.

As a member of Fly Girlz Dance Crew, 2010 World Hip Hop Championship bronze medalists, Asha trains vigorously with as many respected choreographers and hip hop icons as she can. She is focused on becoming a well rounded artist who places no personal limitations on style and/or technique. Asha is focused on spreading her love of art and hip hop across borders and is determined to inspire the artists of today. "I want everyone to believe that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve, as long as they're willing and committed to believing in their dream and in doing what it takes to achieve it." Altogether, expressing herself through movement is what has opened doors for Asha and she plans on continuing on her path to success as an up and coming dancer, teacher, choreographer and entrepreneur.



Chelsea began dancing at the age of 3, taking classes in nearly every style for 15 years. She was trained in jazz, lyrical, ballet, tap, and hip hop and grew her passion by taking classes 7 days a week as well as participating in various dance conventions and competitions. 
At the age of 17, Chelsea began teaching dance full time at a local studio in Victoria, BC. She taught various classes - from baby ballet to adult hip hop to advance competition jazz/lyrical! She moved to Edmonton a couple of years later and began training with the Grant MacEwan Dance team and indulging in local classes. 
While in a class after making the performing group "The PinHeruppers" Chelsea dislocated her knee tearing her MCL and rupturing her meniscus. She thought her dance career was over. After many months of rehab and physio, Ballet Body Fit entered her life. She knew it was a new found love combining her passion for fitness and dance and sharing it with others.







At the age of three, Talia started Flamenco. When she moved to Israel at the age of seven years, unable to find children’s Flamenco, she began what was called “Funky Jazz” classes. This led to her passion for Hip Hop; by the age of seventeen she was dancing professionally with the all-female Edmonton crew Fly Girlz.  In 2012 Fly Girlz received third in the world at an international Hip Hop competition held in Las Vegas. 

Talia graduated with Honors from the Dance program at Victoria School of Performing Arts, upon graduation she auditioned and was accepted for the training program at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Calgary a year later. At Decidedly Jazz, Talia trained in all styles of dance including: ballet, African, tap and jazz- but her true passion still lies with hip hop. Talia has trained in New York and Los Angeles and has studied under many legendary choreographers including Poppin Pete, Sho Tyme and Boogaloo Sam. Talia has been teaching throughout the city of Edmonton since 2009 and is continually training with Hip Hop artists from around the world.  




Todd has always been inspired and moved by any type of movement from a young age. Studying music, through classes, performances and first hand experience, Todd has learned a number of instruments over the years, as well as sang in choirs. Although music is one of the major aspects of his life, He has a new attachment that it goes hand in hand with outside of creating the music, but to be entranced by the feeling and emotion of it. To find his flow.

On the continuous journey of mastering fire dancing, Todd "Oaken" Coverdale strives to further the art form of flow through prop manipulation. Whether performing or teaching his specialties of poi and staff, his aim is to inspire. The last two years, Oaken’s talents have exploded him onto the performance scene. He was quickly scooped up by Vibe Tribe Gypsy Circus Society as a principal performer. He excelled and quickly became Performance Director. His love for people, community and travel have led him to pursue teaching, with intention to grow internationally as a performer/instructor. Whether it’s through private lessons or workshops, he is gaining a reputation as being an excellent teacher. Performing is a great passion of his, and will forever be a part of his life.

See Todd in Action: 







Tania began her bellydance journey in 2001 while she was finding herself as an expat in Prague. She is a former flaky girl (and current geeky/bookloving/okay-also-maybe-still-a-little flaky girl) who found her solid ground in bellydance, and has been teaching at several studios in Edmonton since 2008. She is the president of Raq-a-Belly, Edmonton's longest running bellydance troupe, and has created and performed in bellydance shows for the Edmonton Fringe Festival and the Feats Festival to name a few.

She started focusing her dance career on Tribal Fusion bellydance in 2006, and though she still loves traditional bellydance, she is definitely a Fusion kid. She loves dancing, but in recent years teaching and choreography have become her main joys in dance (and in life). She is currently making her way through the Rachel Brice 8 Elements program and training in other dance forms to add to her dance repertoire. Tania has her Alberta Fitness Leadership certification so as to ensure physical safety in classes, and a good knowledge of current fitness theory. Her main priorities in class are to create a fun, safe environment where people can learn something new while giggling as much as possible. She is so happy to add Desert Rose to the list of studios where she teaches! 





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